Our Work

We facilitate the growth of African SMEs

Together for Africa's good.

We work with country level business development organizations to identify the MSMEs to join the program and leverage the Oakwood Group entities to support the business support activities which include; financial services -offered by Bloom Bank Africa, skills development through Oakwood Knowledge Academy, Trade and Capital Advisory through Oakwood Green Advisory  and Technology.

Africeler8’s operations are hinged on a community model (Ubuntu) with a focus on leaving no business entrepreneur behind. The overall objective is facilitating the growth of these business across the Bloom Journey (Link to Bloom Journey page) from the seedling stage (early stage) to blooming businesses (growth stage).

Our objectives cover:

  • Digitizing the existing community-based business systems and structures
  • Developing the capacity of the businesses by leveraging the community strengths and opportunities
  • Improving access to finance / capital by leveraging the Africeler8 community
  • Creating revenue generation opportunities for the businesses involved in our capacity building programs.